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“The one thing I’ve learned is that stuttering in public is never as bad as I fear it will be.”

-John Stossel

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Neurogenic Stuttering: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Neurogenic stuttering is a fluency speech disorder that impairs the sufferer's ability to speak in a smooth, well-structured fashion. Also known as acquired stuttering, neurogenic stuttering shares several classic symptoms with other fluency disorders. However, it...

How to Spot Stuttering and Cluttering Speech: Here Are the Differences

Speech impairments such as cluttering speech can have a devastating effect on the self-esteem and social functionality of sufferers.Also, those afflicted may not develop average communication skills, severely limiting their social, academic, and professional...

Reading Multisyllabic Words Aloud Can Help Stuttering

Practicing multisyllabic words can be extremely beneficial exercise when coupled with regular speech therapy. Practicing multisyllabic words with your child on a daily basis will help them to develop fluidity as well as the confidence they need to work through their stutter.

Now You Have Access to the Best Free Speech Therapy Apps & Resources!

Stuttering is a condition that can greatly affect your life and ability to function in society. The good news is that stuttering can be treated at any age, it’s not necessarily something that only kids are able to get treatment for. The disorder is also referred...

These schools offer the best quality in speech therapy degrees

Quick Navigation What Makes an Excellent Speech Therapist Degree Program7 Top Schools for Pursuing Your Speech Therapist DegreeChoosing the Right Program for Your Speech Therapist Degree While the world of speech-language pathology programs is highly competitive,...

How to Become a Speech Therapist: Everything You Need to Know

​Image Source: www.myaustraliaimmigration.comAre you wondering how to become a speech therapist? Well, you’re one step closer than you probably think!Our, and many others’, interest was first piqued when Domo Wilson, a YouTuber and rapper, shared her son’s speech...