Increace your fluency by up to 90%
"It is a fairly straightforward method
and you are able to do it;
you just don’t know how yet."
guaranteed stuttering cure

..Would you like to get rid of stuttering, but no method has been able to help?
..You don’t even believe it is possible at all?
..Then you’ve come to the right place.

Hello, my name is Edward Thompson. I’m not a magician, not a “guru”, not a psychic nor a healer in twelfth generation. Most of my life I struggled with stuttering, and the biggest dream was to get rid of it once and for all. To be honest, I had no idea what it feels like…to talk without stuttering?

I have some good news for you: speech fluency can be improved by up to 90%, or even normalized completely. I did it when I was 42. I’ve been speaking fluently for over seven years now! And during this time, I’ve not even had a hint of any deterioration in my speech. I had been stuttering since early childhood (3 or 4 years old) – and stuttering badly. Words that start with «H», «S» and «T» were giving me a hard time to pronounce even if I was on my own.

I underwent several treatments by speech therapists and different kinds of healers; later on I tried several alternative methods by myself. Sadly, there was hardly any effect from any of those, despite the promises of 100% efficiency. Some treatments brought short-term improvements – but then the fluency of speech rapidly declined to the initial level, followed by frustration and anger.

I know very well what it’s like to live with stuttering. Phone calls were a disaster! I would rather travel from the other part of the city and settle the issue on the spot than make a call. At school I often had to say I was not prepared for the lesson and get an undeserved “F”. It was still easier than standing in front of the class and painfully squeezing out words. Public speaking for me was tantamount to torture. You know what I’m talking about: stupefaction, chaotic selection of synonyms for the difficult word, and, as a consequence – an incoherent, incomprehensible speech. Mixed feelings of fear, shame, and the wish the earth could swallow you up… When I was taking a taxi, I sometimes missed my destination because it was not so easy to tell the driver to stop at a particular moment…

But most of all, the stuttering was interfering with my work life.

Career growth was impossible because I had to turn down most of the proposed promotions. Since the feeling of security and confidence in one’s future highly depend on career growth, there was a feeling that life was passing me by. The conflict between the inner potential and the impossibility of realizing it was just unbearable.

I understood well that this „small defect” was slowly destroying my entire life and was not giving me the opportunity to shape it the way I wanted. I understood that stuttering was my number one enemy.

How much damage does stuttering do to your life?

  • Do you work in the field that you like, or did you have to adjust to the stuttering?
  • Does stuttering hinder your career growth?
  • Can you speak publicly without much difficulty?
  • Is it easy for you to make a call to an unfamiliar person?
  • Do you often restrain yourself from communicating, believing that it is better to remain silent?
  • Do you face difficulties with communicating with the opposite sex?
  • Do you limit yourself in your own plans and dreams because of the stuttering?

If any of the above already exists in your life, maybe you should get yourself together and solve the problem once and for all.

Stuttering Treatment that Works

From the vast sea of information on this topic I have been able to formulate a method that is fundamentally different from those currently used to treat stuttering. The method achieves what others fail to address: it finds and fixes the cause of stuttering. As a result of using this method I’ve been able to start speaking as if I had never stuttered. The most important thing however is that this fluency has remained stable over the years, in spite of various stressful situations I’ve encountered during this time.

Not only have I gotten rid of my stuttering – I have also formalized my findings into a unique and transferable method which you can use for a more rapid normalization of speech. You will feel the first improvements after several lessons. The most important advantage of my method is that you can significantly reduce stuttering without having to leave your home – all exercises can be carried out at home. Read more about the method »


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