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Stuttering is a condition that can greatly affect your life and ability to function in society. The good news is that stuttering can be treated at any age, it’s not necessarily something that only kids are able to get treatment for. The disorder is also referred to as childhood-onset fluency disorder (or stammering). The truth is that stammering is something that can begin to affect people at any age, although it is normally something that begins with childhood and persists throughout adulthood when it’s not treated properly. We have provided some helpful information and resources concerning stuttering, as well as some of the top speech therapy apps available today.

What is Considered Normal Development?

A young child that stutters isn’t always a cause for concern. Stuttering is a normal part of childhood development, and the stuttering will often stop as children develop competency with language. When language abilities aren’t developed to a fast enough degree to keep up with what a person wants to say, the individual may end up stuttering as a result. People who stutter because of this condition know exactly what they want to say, but they may have trouble articulating it effectively. They often stop during speech, and they may omit sounds for specific syllables. They also may extend a word, syllable or phrase.

The Causes of Stuttering

Stuttering is not caused by emotional or psychological disorders. However, the anxiety that comes from stuttering can make it more difficult to think clearly in social situations, and this can affect your ability to communicate your ideas. Stuttering is also not a character flaw, and you shouldn’t feel bad about your condition.

The most current research suggests that stuttering is linked to your genetics. But that doesn’t mean there is no hope for overcoming this condition. Stuttering tends to arise from various aspects of development, and it may have more to do with the language and motor skill development than anything else. The temperament of the individual also may play a role in how badly the stuttering affects an individual. This is one of the areas where speech therapy apps can help those who suffer from the condition. By decreasing the anxiety associated with stuttering, it’s possible to see a positive improvement.

Specialists are still studying what effects a person to develop a persistent stutter. Experts believe there is a combination of causes. We have collected a list of some of the primary reasons for stuttering.

When It’s Time to Seek Help

When stuttering doesn’t resolve on its own, there is a chance that it will persist through adulthood. Stuttering can be made worse when a person begins to develop anxiety as a result of speaking in public. Since public speaking is rated as one of the most stressful things a person can do in life, it’s no wonder that many people who have a stuttering disorder have trouble improving.

It’s time to seek help when the stuttering begins to affect your self-esteem, relationships, or your career. All of these issues can make the problem worse, and it’s best to start tackling the problem of stuttering early on to avoid a more difficult and bigger problem. You don’t necessarily need to see a professional to tackle most stuttering problems. There are free speech therapy apps available that can help you overcome your issues and become more confident in your speaking.

If you’re not sure that your stuttering issue can be treated, it’s not a bad idea to see a speech-language pathologist. However, when you consider the free apps on devices like the iPad, a good first step is to try to resolve the problem on your own. Using a free speech therapy app can save you both money and time.

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Treatment Programs and Free Speech Therapy Apps

The cure for stuttering is not something that will take effect overnight. Treating stuttering requires a specific program and a proactive approach to solving the issue. Free speech therapy apps for devices like the iPad can work in an interactive way to help you improve and gain better language fluency. It’s best to get help as soon as a problem is established. The earlier that treatment begins, the more effective the treatment tends to be. Most stuttering typically begins in the early years between two and five years of age.

Treatment programs are designed to help sufferers learn to manage stuttering. Speech therapy apps make it possible to isolate the specific syllables and words that are difficult to pronounce, and they provide practice to help overcome the issue. One of the most important aspects of free apps is that they help individuals to build their self-esteem in a completely, non-judgmental and interactive environment. They provide a safe place to practice and improve your skills.

Speech Therapy Apps for Adults

While there are a lot of different speech disorders with which adults can struggle, there are various apps for adults with speech disorders available that build common core communication and language skills. Some of the best speech therapy apps are more directly targeted to specific deficiencies or disorders, but adults with various speech and language problems can use several of the following apps for speech therapy because they offer a variety of relevant approaches.

Speech Therapy Apps for Toddlers

Some speech therapy apps are most appropriately used in the educational setting, while others can be incorporated into the clinical therapy setting and used at home to strengthen therapy goals. And some can be used by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to follow the progress of a patient.

Over the previous years, apps for tablets, computers, and other gadgets have established to be useful tools in speech therapy for children. Even if there are no available statistics, Speech Therapists report that a lot of children enjoy working with apps. It expedites the learning process with constant therapy. Another significant benefit of apps is that they are affordable and offer an easily accessible way for children to practice at home.

Since the frequency of practice and the quality of the guidance of the parents are critical to improvement, apps have the potential to increase and fast-track children’s speech and language development significantly. For parents that do not have enough budget or time to take their children to a Speech Language Therapist regularly, utilizing the best apps for speech therapy provides a definite advantage.

Children whose speech is impaired because of a physical issue such as a cleft palate or problems with the jaw, they can benefit from free speech therapy apps in the App store that helps them practice pronunciation. The Articulation Station is one of the best speech therapy apps in the market, and there is a free version which gives you one sound to work on. You can purchase each sound separately for a small price.

Best Free Free Apps for Stuttering and Speech Tools for Stuttering

Free speech apps and speech tools for stuttering are a good place to start. You’ve got nothing to lose, and many of the free apps are able to help you deal with minor issues.

Stuttering Helper

Speech Tools for Stuttering

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Speech Helpers for Fluency

Stuttering Helper is developed by the Janus Development Group, Inc. The company makes a large number of speech helpers for fluency products to help people manage their speech issues. This free app is one of the better free apps available on the market because it doesn’t just treat the problem, but it also helps parents to understand the issue and gives tips for practicing. The program is suitable for people who have had previous speech therapy but can also be utilized for those who have had no previous therapy.

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MyLynel is developed by AventuSoft, LLC. The basic program is free to use, but there are also in-app purchases required to gain access to more advanced features. The program awards medals as you improve and complete tasks. This can be a good motivator for kids to practice their speech therapy. It concentrates on providing an effective form of fluency shaping and stutter modification techniques. The app records your voice and then provides feedback that helps you to improve and analyze your phonation. The scoring system works well to give you an idea of how you’re progressing.

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Paid Apps to Increase Fluency

The following apps require a purchase and are not free apps. However, these apps go beyond what the typical free iPad or iPhone app can provide. For those who are serious about their training and are not finding that free apps are doing the job, these apps provide additional tools to decrease stuttering.

Fluency Exam

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The nice thing about this app is that it diagnoses your speech to determine your current level. The software is able to record your voice and then analyze it for additional analysis. It works to identify speech disfluency and it can quantify speech in words, percentage, and duration. The program is easy to use and is primarily designed to be a tool that measures the current level of fluency. Another individual can help you use the app as well, and they can mark words as fluent or disfluent to give you a better understanding of the words and phrases you have issues with.

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DAF Assistant App (Delayed Auditory Feedback Software) for iPhone and iPod Touch

Delayed Auditory Feedback Software - Daf Assistant App

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DAF assistant app works on both the iPhone and the iPad and its one of the best Apple apps for speech therapy. It uses delayed auditory feedback software as well as frequency-shifting to help you slow down an overly fast speech rate. It can be used by people who have stuttering issues to get better overall fluency. The app helps you slow down your speaking rate, which results in stretching out vowels over a longer period of time. This can help even those with severe stuttering improve their overall speech.

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This app uses delayed auditory feedback and frequency altered feedback to help reduce stuttering. The app records your speech and then plays the results back to you. This allows you to get instant feedback on your speech patterns, and you can practice improving your overall ability to speak fluently. The app lets you adjust all sorts of factors, including balance, volume, delay, and pitch.

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