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Are you looking for programs, activities or resources to help improve your stutter? Luke and Holly, the founders of Home Speech Home are speech pathologists and have created many great products that help reduce stuttering and other speech impediments. Try these flashcards, activities, ebooks and other resources to help kill your stutter.

Speech Language Pathologists have nothing but good things to say about these speech therapy flashcards and other eProducts from Home Speech Home.

The diagrams and pictures were wonderful in helping me achieve the confidence to use this program… I love it. So does Taylor. She has made wonderful progress with this product and I am really excited to start working on our next letter. It has allowed her to work on her speech in the comfort of home. We don’t have to skip because someone is sick or we have other appointments. I can work with her on MY schedule. As a homeschooling, very busy mom…I LOVE that!


The Pebble Pond

With a combination of all sounds targeting different speech issues, these flashcards might be the cure to your stuttering. With pictures, stories and words for everyone ages 3 and up, the flashcards make it fun for anyone to stop stuttering.

A one time purchase allows you to have the flashcards for life. They are easily downloadable and printable so that you will never lose access to them. Even if you do happen to lose them amongst other papers or files, you can send Home Speech Home an email and they will provide you an email with a link to download them again.

Stop searching for the solution to help you stop your stutter. With continual practice and working with the resources that Holly and Luke have made, you will be able to see an improvement in your speech in no time!

For just $69.99 you will get over 1,850 flashcards to help you on your journey to stutter-free speech.

An AMAZING resource! Love the way they look and the ease of use! Would 1000% recommend!

Heather G.

Speech Language Pathologist

The flashcards are a great tool for any speech therapist’s toolbox! My students love them!

Rosemarie P.

Speech Language Pathologist

I find the printable flashcards terrific! It is supremely helpful for intense practice.

Sue V.

Speech Language Pathologist

At Home Speech Materials

These speech material books work to teach individuals with speech problems how to say certain sounds in a step by step process that users love!


“Your materials are amazing! I have been an SLP for over 33 years and want to keep going because the materials you create are so inspiring!”

Anita G.

Speech Language Pathologist