Stuttering Cure – Does It Exist?

Many people approach me and ask if there is a cure for stuttering. I never answer such questions with a „yes” or a „no” – things are slightly more complicated. It can be said with certainty that there exists no single methodology or medication which could act as a universally applicable and commonly accepted stuttering cure. The reason is that stuttering is not a classical disease, it is a complex condition which can be compared to a „depression” rather than an „influenza” from this angle. Let me explain my metaphor: there are numerous widely used drugs which have been documented to treat influenza, yet a depression has no „cure”, in the conventional sense. However, there are hundreds of approaches to treating a depression, from sports and outdoors activities to serious medications; their application depends on each particular case and recovery depends heavily on the individual as well. Something similar can be said about stuttering – numerous ways have been suggested to address this phenomenon, some work better, some work worse, and some seem not to work at all, yet the stutterer’s actions and efforts seem to play a crucial role in the process of recovery.

My method for overcoming stuttering should be viewed in this light; it is highly standardized and transferable, and has proven to work in different cases of stuttering, yet I still do not claim it to be a universal cure or a holy grail. It requires several months of regular exercising, which in turn is quite difficult to sustain on one’s own. This is why I offer personalized support to every user of my method throughout the entire course of treatment.

My method focuses on fixing the intrinsic mechanisms that produce stuttering. Firstly, the physical condition of the vocal folds and throat muscles. Experience suggests that the speech apparatus of every stutterer is perfectly functional, it is just not used in a proper way (consider an analogy with being afraid to step on a broken leg long after the recovery has taken place). The principle of my methodology is to gradually increase the flexibility of the vocal folds by loading them to their highest capacity. In practice one can call it „shouting” on the top of one’s voice in a special pattern. Secondly, and more importantly, my method addresses the psychological aspect of stuttering. During the exercises the person learns to generaty absolute confidence in own words – which, in turn, mitigates the vicious feedback mechanism „stuttering – embarrassment – more stuttering – being afraid to speak – even more stuttering”. One „side-effect” of such approach is that your speech becomes qualitatively better – you would be amazed to learn how powerful, energetic, and convincing your voice can be!

The duration of the course varies greatly from case to case; a medium-weak stutter may take from 2 to 5 months to overcome, while more severe cases may require more time. I am in constant contact with every user of the method, providing advice and moral support – the lack of which has proven to be one of the primary reasons for people giving up on the treatment.

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