About Us

The Stuttering Doctor team is committed to providing readers with information, advice and resources for those with a stutter. We want to help you in overcoming stuttering to feel more confident when you speak.

Has it ever occurred to you that stuttering should be cured by some very simple method?

  • not by speaking slowly in conversations
  • not by ineffective computer programs
  • not by devices with an echo effect
  • not solely by breathing exercises

We want to provide you with a variety of techniques and exercises that are best fit for you. Especially for those who don’t want to go to a professional, there are so many helpful resources that we offer that have the potential to help you to cure your life of a stutter problem.


The Kill Your Stutter Program, that is offered on our site focuses on addressing the causes of the problem by identifying the triggers of a stutter and replacing them with a different reaction. It is a fairly straightforward method and you are able to do it right from your home. Through the years, this program has helped over thousands of people with their stutter; this means that you too can use this program so that your speech will become considerably more fluent. This program can improve fluency up to the point that a person who haven’t heard you before will not be able to tell that you’ve been stuttering.

Moreover, there are several factors which support your stuttering and which need to be fixed in order to solve the problem. For example, you might have noticed that different emotions make a stutter worse; fear and nervousness are the main triggers of stuttering. They form a vicious circle, which technical disciplines call “positive feedback”: the more the person is afraid of stuttering, the more he/she stutters. Continuously receiving such negative emotions, the person gradually grows afraid of speaking. Speech exercises are not effective enough in themselves to break this cycle, a good attitude must be developed too.

You may also know that fast pace of speech increases stuttering. It is notable, however, that people who stutter tend to speak much faster than others. This acceleration forms over the years as the person had the possibility to speak only when the stuttering was not interfering – in other words, there has been a constant need to say everything one has to say before the stuttering kicks in. This necessity for speaking fast becomes a habit and gradually gets out of control – now the person unconsciously sets a very high speed of speech, which leads to more stuttering.

You may have noticed that sometimes when you don’t think about stuttering it almost disappears by itself, and vice versa – as soon as you remember about it, the stammering is there, and you even know exactly at which point you are going to get stuck. This is another factor that prevents your stuttering from disappearing.

The truth is that the way a person tries to overcome stuttering in everyday life provokes more stuttering in itself.

There are also certain outside factors which can easily block all attempts to cure stuttering, no matter how hard the person tries.

The program addresses the above issues by focusing on the physiological and the psychological sides of stuttering at the same time. Through specialized exercises the person increases the flexibility of vocal folds while developing confidence in speech. This is later transferred into real-life conversations. Different parts of the method have been fine-tuned to effectively deal with the above non-incumbent factors that reinforce stuttering. One can therefore apply the method on one’s own!