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“The one thing I’ve learned is that stuttering in public is never as bad as I fear it will be.”

-John Stossel

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How To Use The Cycles Approach To Stop Stuttering

Verbal communication is the most fundamental way to express oneself and form meaningful connections with others. A first impression is formed within seconds, and it can be based on the first sentences spoken in a conversation. To suffer from stuttering is to...
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Could Speech Therapy Put An End To My Child’s Stuttering Problem?

Is your child exhibiting signs of stuttering and other speech difficulties? Are you concerned that these impediments could hinder your little one’s development but are not quite sure what options are available to you? You may be aware that there are therapy...
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How To Use Final Consonant Deletion To End Stuttering

Stuttering includes the involuntary repetition of words and sounds. This repetition can disrupt the flow and fluency of speech. Stuttering is a normal occurrence during the development of speech production as children learn the rules and nuances of their native...
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How to Use Spatial Concepts in Speech to Stop Stuttering

Stuttering can be a debilitating condition that affects a person's self-confidence and ability to communicate his or her thoughts. There are several folk remedies for reducing a stutter, but these should be always be paired with evidence-based practices to be...
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Stuttering 101 Complex Communication Disorder : Why Do People Stutter?

Why do people stutter? Stuttering affects millions of people all around the world. Symptoms of stuttering include involuntary sound repetition and disruption or blocking of speech, also involuntary. People, especially younger people, who suffer from stuttering often...
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Is Your Stuttering Out of Control? The Stuttering Foundation Can Help

Stuttering has been a problem for the ages. For some, it creates social barriers, puts up walls, and even keeps some people from talking at all. The Stuttering Foundation, established in 1947, is available to help with information, education, and resources to help...
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