Free Apps For Kids: Top 10 Speech Apps To Consider

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Kid holding a phone

According to a fact sheet published by the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders on voice, speech, language, and swallowing, nearly 1 in 12 US children between the ages of 3 and 17 have had a disorder related to these ailments. For many parents, this brings to mind the need for effective speechRead more …

Can Stuttering Be The Result Of A Lateral Lisp?

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One of the most important stages of a child’s early life is speech development. Lagging in this department may lead to speech impediments such as stuttering, lateral lisp, and cluttering. Stuttering is a common issue among children ages 2 to 4 years old. It shows up during a child’s speech development – especially during his orRead more …

Speech Therapy At Home: Techniques To Stop Stuttering

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Speech Therapy at home

Sometimes the words in our head don’t come out quite the way we intend. Stuttering can happen when we’re talking too fast, thinking faster than we can speak, or because verbal communication skills are not fully developed. Like any skill, the art of speaking clearly is best achieved through practice, and more specifically, speech therapy at homeRead more …

Speech Therapist: Description And Why Every School Needs One

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Ironically, most people do not understand the role of a speech therapist and their importance in a school setting. Those who have heard about this profession assume that a speech therapist only works in a hospital setting. It is why we wrote this article to enlighten the reader on the importance of a speech therapistRead more …

Most Common Types of Stuttering: Causes & Treatments

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If you’re suffering from one of the several types of stuttering that plague us as speakers, you’re not alone. Several celebrities and countless others have suffered from different types of stuttering and improved the way they speak. Marilyn Monroe adopted her slow, breathy way of speaking to help her overcome a childhood stutter, and JamesRead more …

The Connection Between Stuttering & Hand Flapping

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Mother and her child playing

Hand flapping and stuttering are two manifestations that children with autism spectrum disorders may display. However, it’s important to note that these behaviors are not exclusive to autistic children. Children with autism spectrum disorder can have difficulty with various forms of communication and social interaction. It’s also common that they will show lapses in concentration,Read more …

How To Use The Cycles Approach To Stop Stuttering

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Verbal communication is the most fundamental way to express oneself and form meaningful connections with others. A first impression is formed within seconds, and it can be based on the first sentences spoken in a conversation. To suffer from stuttering is to experience a blockade between oneself and others. This is why the Cycles ApproachRead more …