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Now You Have Access to the Best Free Speech Therapy Apps & Resources!

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Stuttering is a condition that can greatly affect your life and ability to function in society. The good news is that stuttering can be treated at any age, it’s not necessarily something that only kids are able to get treatment for. The disorder is also referred to as childhood-onset fluency disorder (or stammering). The truthRead more …

These schools offer the best quality in speech therapy degrees

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Quick Navigation What Makes an Excellent Speech Therapist Degree Program7 Top Schools for Pursuing Your Speech Therapist DegreeChoosing the Right Program for Your Speech Therapist Degree While the world of speech-language pathology programs is highly competitive, there are many excellent schools at which to receive your speech therapist degree. And if you feel called toRead more …

Could My Child’s Severe Stuttering Be The Result Of Speech Dyslexia?

May 16, 2019 | Posted by in Stuttering Doctor | 0

Are you concerned that your child could suffer from a speech impediment, but are unsure what traits set regular falters apart from severe stuttering? Stuttering is not an uncommon occurrence in everyday life. In fact, it happens normally occasionally to just about everyone. Severe stuttering goes above and beyond the normal word hesitancies, resulting inRead more …

The Connection Between Stuttering & Hand Flapping

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Hand flapping and stuttering are two manifestations that children with autism spectrum disorders may display. However, it’s important to note that these behaviors are not exclusive to autistic children. Children with autism spectrum disorder can have difficulty with various forms of communication and social interaction. It’s also common that they will show lapses in concentration,Read more …