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Feel the confidence to speak your mind again! Let me transform your life and end your stuttering!


Due to multiple requests I have decided to slightly extend the special offer period:

Until the 31st of August, 2013, the full price of my stuttering treatment method, which includes an electronic document with the description and recommendations, as well as dedicated personal support for the duration of the course, is $189 ($249)

This is how much you pay for bringing your life to a qualitatively new level; for being able to speak and be heard. The method is built around a detailed description of the exercise I’ve used to overcome my own stuttering. It is implemented through individual work with the person to help find and mitigate the cause of stuttering, as well as special exercises which remove the fear towards speaking.

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The price for the method includes a three-month personalized technical support, which means that I will be in regular contact with you via email to help you perform the exercises, correct possible mistakes, as well as to constantly motivate you and provide moral support. Experience shows that without this support the method will take you years to implement, and you will most probably lose hope and give up.

Order now and tomorrow you will be armed with the knowledge about stuttering you hadn’t even suspected before. It will give you the opportunity to get rid of stuttering once and for all.

Email is the primary way to contact me:

For a more substantial feedback please indicate your age and the frequency and intensity of your stuttering (according to your own scale) in your first email.