How to Stop Stuttering

Having been stuttering for the first 42 years of my life, I am absolutely convinced that human communication is a precious gift, yet the ones who have it for free tend to take it for granted. However, I also believe that stuttering is not a curse – it is a challenge, and challenges are there to be overcome.

Through the years I have noticed that many stutterers tend to grow attached subconsciously to their speech disorder and even start defying the mere possibility of getting rid of stuttering. In other cases, people believe that in order to stop stuttering, they need to use extremely complex techniques (the more complex, the better!) or take sophisticated drugs; the idea that speech fluency can be normalized by a treatment which is rather simple in itself but requires persistence and strong will from the individual is discounted as “uncomfortable” or even “foolish”. ¬†Well, if being a “fool” is what it takes to stop stuttering and start communicating freely, then I prefer to remain the former.

The essence of my method is to focus on and eliminate the cause of stuttering – I believe that simplicity is key to a successful treatment. I have found out that almost all people who stutter have weak throat muscles, because they are not used properly. This can be fixed with certain exercises. At the same time, the method is intended to give confidence in oneself and remove the fear towards speaking by using imperatives and commands, which is another important component of the problem.

The method is based largely on individual work, which implies persistence and a strong desire to succeed. To ensure this, I am in constant contact with every user of the method, since the lack of personal support has proven to be one of the most frequent causes of people giving up on the treatment.

The method has showed to increase speech fluency by up to 90%. This means that after the full course the person may not be able to become a news anchor or an air controller (i.e. the occupations where “100%” speech fluency is required), yet the stuttering is going to be reduced to a level which cannot be distinguished from a non-stutterer. The method has proven efficient in different situations, yet the length of the treatment tends to increase with the initial level of stuttering.

There is a money back guarantee, under which I promise a full refund of the payment in case the method provides no results after two months of treatment. You can read about the details here.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have concerning the method! Just email me at get rid of stuttering or use the contact form on this website.

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