Stuttering Therapy that Works

Do you avoid talking to strangers because you get blocked in every sentence? Are you afraid of speaking in public because you cannot utter a word when many people are staring at you? Do you take any chance to write an email instead of making a telephone call just because you expect that the person on the other end of the line will not understand a word you are trying to say?

I know how you feel, because I used to stutter for many years before I managed to overcome my impediment. It took me several years of trials and errors, yet the methodology that I have developed and polished in the process enables a person to get back to fluent speech in several months.

My stuttering therapy has two broad goals: increasing the flexibility of a person’s focal folds and tackling the psychological component of the problem. The former is easy to explain: empirical evidence indicates that stutterers have perfectly normal speech organs, they are just not used properly. What do I mean by that? Well, it is somewhat similar to being afraid to step on a broken leg after the bone has already recovered. For a stutterer, speaking is often equivalent to constant stress; this surely does not motivate to speak more, and as a result, one is caught in a vicious circle of speaking less, stuttering more, being afraid to speak even more, etc etc. The physiological part of the problem is being addressed by loading the throat muscles to their fullest capacity (one can call it “shouting” on maximum volume in a certain pattern).

The psychological part of stuttering is complex and very under-researched. The principles used in my method are almost entirely empirical (i.e. based on a series of trials), yet quite intuitive: “more confidence in speech leads to less stuttering”, and “there is no artificial, external way to become more confident – one has to exercise and learn to face own fears”. In practice, this is transformed into using imperative statements and creating a feeling of being 100% correct; after exercising time this feeling becomes “automatic” and seamlessly transfers into real-life conversations.

Overall, the course lasts for several months, depending on the initial level of stuttering. Communication is primarily Internet-based, which allows me to work with people from all over the world, from Japan and Australia to Mexico and United States.

If you have particular questions about my stuttering therapy, feel free to contact me at 

or through the contact form on this website. I normally reply within 1-2 working days.

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