Stuttering Treatment that Works

Years ago, I used to stutter. I blocked on certain consonants and letter combinations, and found it difficult and frustrating to speak to almost any person except for my closest relatives. This problem was eating into every aspect of my life, and one day I decided to challenhge it instead of submitting to the seemingly unavoidable. After several years of trials and errors and several nervous breakdowns I was able to overcome my speech impediment and to systematize my knowledge and experience into a transferable stuttering treatment method which proved successful in tackling stuttering in several other individuals.

Since then, my observations from working with numerous stuttering cases have shown that the external manifestations of the problem can vary significantly – from people whose stuttering is to a certain extent affected by the weather – to people who stutter only in the presence of particular individuals, and many other particularities. Curiously enough, though, there seem to be certain basic aspects which play an important role in every case of stuttering, including, but not limited to, the psychological state of the individual, and the condition of the throat muscles.

In particular, mental blocks and subconscious fears seem to have a profound influence on the degree of stuttering. My method addresses the psychological dimension of the problem by using imperatives in order to build confidence in speech. In simplified terms, the person learns to speak and be 100% sure that what he/she is saying is right. The physiological aspect is being tackled by increasing the flexibility of one’s focal folds.

My stuttering treatment method has already been used by more than 140 people, and has produced stable and lasting results. The primary prerequisite to a successful start and fast progress is transforming the frustration which stems from stuttering into a deep desire to get rid of the problem once and for all!

I am not offering an instant cure or a magic pill – overcoming stuttering requires a certain amount of effort as well as persistence and will to succeed. However, from my experience I can claim that the end result is well worth the effort!

If you want to share your thoughts and feelings or have questions concerning my stuttering treatment method , just email me at

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